With Easter coming up this Sunday, I am reminded of two unique samples Ward Laboratories Inc. received this time last year.  We received two eggs to test just in time for Easter!  This producer wanted to do a small-scale experiment to determine if the eggs from chickens fed two different diets had differences in nutritional values.  Both diets were preformulated feeds from big nutritional companies.  One diet was considered all natural and the other was an organic feed.  Of course, this is not a properly performed experiment that would have impactful and meaningful results since only one egg per group was tested and the feeds may or may not have been formulated to have the same levels of key nutrients such as protein, fat, minerals and to provide equal amounts of energy.  However, in this case of only two eggs, the naturally fed egg had lower protein and higher levels of fat than the organic fed egg and mineral content was very similar between the two eggs.  More eggs would need to be tested to determine if these differences were just individual variation differences or if they truly were a statistically significant result of the diet.  Happy Easter All!


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