Hello! My name is Emily Shafto, and I will be a guest author on blogs focusing on Soil Health. My blogs will provide information on our holistic approach to soil management and the concepts behind what makes a soil healthy.  I work on research and development of new test here at Ward Laboratories, INC.

In 2014, I graduated with high distinction from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln with a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies and two minors in Water Science and Bioremediation. My passion in the laboratory and in the classroom lead to a full assistantship with the NRCS-Kellogg Soil Survey Laboratory in Lincoln. During that time, I prepared a high throughput soil enzyme assay for use in the laboratory. I graduated with high distinction in the Spring of 2016 with a Master of Science degree in Natural Sciences.

I began working in a laboratory during undergraduate school at the Water Science Laboratory in February of 2013. During my time there, I was exposed to a wide variety of tests and research projects. I joined an exploratory water quality study done in Almaty, Kazakhstan in the Summer of 2014 focusing on creating standards for clean water in the country. My continued interests in research led to a position at Ward Laboratories, Inc. in Research and Development in October of 2016. My role is to update tests and introduce new tests that meet our customer needs.

I currently live on a 90-acre farm with my husband. We raise cattle, hogs, chickens and ducks.