Hello!  Thanks for stopping to read my blog!  If you are a livestock producer, I hope you find my advice as a Professional Animal Scientist useful! This page is meant to provide some guidelines for feed testing and stories about Ward Laboratories, INC. So, hopefully you find a post that gives you something to ruminate on!

My passion for animal agriculture spurred from working part time on a small dairy operation near St. Joseph, MN.  Then, I attended the University of Wyoming and earned both a bachelors and masters degree in Animal and Veterinary Sciences.  An internship at the United States Meat Animal Research Center (USMARC) in Clay Center, Nebraska solidified my desire to work in agriculture and in a laboratory.  During that internship and graduate school, I studied the relationship between beef feed efficiency traits, rumen physiology and gene expression.

After graduation, I remained at USMARC for another year, gaining experience with swine.  I began working as a Professional Animal Scientist at Ward Laboratories, Inc. located in Kearney, NE in June of 2016.

Laboratory analysis have become a staple of economically and environmentally sustainable agriculture. There is a lot of information that needs to be shared with producers.  I learn from our customers everyday, and I hope to share the knowledge gained through their experiences.  As the Ward Laboratories, INC. slogan says, “Guiding Producers Today to Feed the World Tomorrow”.  Let’s just say I hope there is plenty of beef on the plates of future generations.